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Program controled

                        treatment                                                               PVR SYSTEM is
                      control from                                                              easy to use and
                       one center                                                              it allows doctors
                                                                                                 to perform the
                                                                                             besteffective wound
                                                                                              healing treatments

                      A published RcT
                       study showed                                                                 ISO 13485
                     that it can boost                                                            Medical device
                    circulation in lower                                                            certificate
                      extremities up
                      to 6 times non-                                                               Embedded
                      invasively and                                                             sensitive safety
                     without systemic                                                                sensors

                                Patented                                                             proven

                                                                                             User and patient

                   PVR SYSTEM THERAPY

                    Vasodilation (mechanism: active hyperemia)

                    result: increased blood flow

                    Bohr  effect  (mechanism:  increase in partial pressure
                    of CO2 causes  dissociation  of O2 from oxygenated


                    result: improved tissue oxygenation

                    Increased local synthesis of VEGF
                    result: neoangiogenesis

           PVR system® is a patented technology. Manufactured and developed in

           Slovenia by Derma Art d.o.o..
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