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PVR system is a medical device that addresses peripheral
arterial disease in patients with diabetic foot ulcers to achieve
faster healing time, improved nutritive blood perfusion in
the foot and DFU prevention. It addresses the core issue
of why wounds take such a long time to heal – poor blood
circulation in the feet. Double blind RCT study showed that
it can increase circulation in the feet up to 6 times non-
invasively and without systemic effects.

The procedure is based around safe and controlled
transcutaneous application of CO2 to the lower extremities.
This procedure firstly creates temporary hypoxia (lack of
oxygen) in peripheral tissues which then stimulates Bohr’s
effect (delivery of oxygen to the tissues). This process
stimulates vasodilatation and thus significantly increases
the blood circulation (up to 6 times) in lower extremities. With
repetition it also stimulates formation of new capillaries and
thus a long term improved micro-circulation which helps
prevent recurrence of DFU.
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